Seedling Planted Out In the tiny pumpkin patch

My Seedling is in the Tiny Patch

If the last couple of days are anything to go by, we are in for a very hot summer.

You would have known via the magic of social media that I have been super busy the last week, with Armageddon and school camp taking up most of my time.

Transplanted a Seedling

Before rushing off out the door to get to the school camp, I transplanted one of my 1891 Harris seeds out into the Tiny Patch.

I’ve been slack this year in patch prep, and so far this year haven’t managed to bang together any vlogs (although I have shot some footage) so the patch prep was very minimal.

I grabbed the bags of compost I had used for vine burying last year and after sitting around for a year in the elements, they were in a much better state then when I first purchased them.

Half of them went out into small rock enclosed garden out the front where I am wanting to grow some miniautres or jack o lantern pumpkins.

The other half went into the Tiny Patch and were mixed around a bit with the Weedo tool I have.

No Protection

Having protection from the wind or cold nights is the best option, but with no one else around at home I decided against it. The weather was looking good for the week and I’d rather not have a cooked plant.

Looking OK

The plant is looking OK, I’ve been watering it when required and still have the back up if required. I almost forgot the snail bait, and would have been gutted if it was eaten.

Hows the start to your season going? Let me know in the comments below.

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