A miniature pumpkin on a table

My Pumpkin Helper

Every year I have a little helper who helps me with my giant pumpkins, from digging the ground to watering the pumpkins, she loves watching the pumpkins grow.

You know the pumpkins are doing OK when she can sit on them, every year I am going to have to grow a bigger and bigger pumpkin so she can still sit on them.

My pumpkin helper sitting on a pumpkin

As well as helping with my pumpkins, she is also growing her own miniature ones, which have been great to see grow, here is a pic of a mature miniature pumpkin.

Miniature pumpkin on table

They are a really good thing to grow with kids as they don’t grow as many vines as the big ones, and once ready easy for the kids to handle, my daughter liked showing it to everyone at her daycare .

I’m thinking of taking one of the big ones there to show the kids as well.

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