How To Grow a Giant Pumpkin

The How-To Guide for Growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkins Here in New Zealand.

Welcome to the how to grow a giant pumpkin section of the website.

Every part of growing a giant pumpkin is detailed on it’s own page and grouped within the time of the season.

I’m always updating these pages when I can. Let me know if anything is missing and I will work on that next.


Before Planting


This period is before the seedling makes it into the patch. It’s important to have things ready before any growing can occur.
Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

Life-Cycle of a Giant Pumpkin

Learn out about the lifecycle of a pumpkin.

This page includes a calculator to help you see when important milestones occur.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

Soil Preparation

Soil is such an important part of the plant growth. Learn what it takes to get the pumpkin patch ready.

Getting this right now will give you big results later on.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

Sourcing Giant Pumpkin Seeds

Having the correct seed to grow a giant pumpkin is important.

Learn what seed you need and where to get it from. To give you the best chance at growing a giant.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

Seed Starting Guide

Give your giant pumpkin seed a helping hand to get started strong by learning about seed starting.

A step by step guide to get your season off to a great start.

Close up photo of my small pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patch Selection

Whatever the size you have available. There are certain things you should look for in a pumpkin patch.

Learn what makes a good pumpkin patch.

Early – Mid Season

This is where all the pumpkin growing will occur and when you the grower will be busy.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate


Learn why transplanting is an important step.

Reducing the amount of shock a pumpkin plant goes through and being able to orientate it.

Giant pumpkin plant with split main vine

Vine Management

Giant pumpkin vines can grow all over the place.

Learn about vine management. Why it’s important and what types of layouts you could use.

Pollination of giant pumpkin flower


Pollinating your female giant pumpkin flowers is an exciting time.

Learn why it is important to do this by hand. Find out how to do it and improve the chances of success.

Watering want connected to hose laying on ground


Giant pumpkin plants love water. And are very thirsty plants.

Learn about different methods of watering. When you water and other tips to maximize growth.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

Early Protection

Giant pumpkins need protection early on and later in the season.

Learn what could cause harm to your pumpkin or plant and what options you have for protection.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate


Where is the best spot to have a giant pumpkin on the vine?

And what do you do when the pumpkin pulls on the vine? It all comes down to positioning it and the vines.

Nitrophoska Fertiliser on the ground next to a giant pumpkin plant


What do your giant pumpkins need as they grow?

Find out what NPK requirements your plant and pumpkin need. And what products you could use.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

Diseases / Problems

What diseases and problems could you face when growing a giant pumpkin?

Luckily we don’t have as many problems as other parts of the world. Learn about common problems.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

Shade / Covering

Learn about shade and covering your pumpkin during the hot summer.

This can help your giant pumpkin deal better with the stress of the day and keep it warm during the night.

Late Season

When you are near the end you will want to know how much your pumpkin might way, how to move it and save seeds.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

Weight Estimation

Estimating your pumpkins weight is a great way to track it’s progress.

Find out how easy it is to do. Use the weight estimation calculator to get a results instantly.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate


Moving giant pumpkins can be a challenge.

Learn about transporting pumpkins to an event and moving them to and from scales safely.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

Saving Seeds

Harvesting seeds from your giant pumpkin is a great idea.

Learn how to easily remove the seeds and save them for future seasons or ready to share.

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