I saw the Weedo device at the Fielddays and thought it was a great idea, in this post I’ll show you how it works and the benefits it offers.

What is a Weedo?

A weedo is a tool that attaches to a cordless drill and allows you to easily destroy weeds and cultivate the soil.

Weedo Image08

Weedo Image09

Who is the Weedo for?

Anyone that wants a faster easier way to weed, reducing the time it takes and removing the need to be on your knees pulling weeds out.

Features of the Weedo

  • Easy to use while standing
  • Quick and easy to use
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Allows for precise weeding in confined areas
  • Can be used to dig neat straight holes for posts/stakes
  • Environmentally friendly approach to weed removal
  • Designed and made right here in New Zealand.

The parts

The weedo consists of the shaft which attaches to your cordless drill with a blade attached to the end. The blade is held in place with the locking nuts and different sized blades are available for different applications.

Weedo Image01
The smaller blade is ideal for digging straight down for posts and stakes.

Weedo Image05

Using the Weedo

Using the Weedo is as easy as putting the tip where you want it and pulling the trigger on your cordless drill, the blades chop up weeds as well as till the soil. Slowing your drill down for the bigger weeds, or speeding it up for smaller weeds.

For added control, you can hold the shaft as it is operating to direct the Weedo where you need it.

Other notes about the Weedo

  • The efficiency of the Weedo really depends on the drill you are using to power it, it is recommended to only use a cordless drill and one that is at least 18v.
  • The Weedo is ideal for smaller areas allowing you greater control and placement over other powered methods.
  • Tougher stringier weeds will warp themselves around the end of the Weedo like spaghetti and can be cut from the shaft of the Weedo

My final thoughts on the Weedo

I think the Weedo is a great idea and is a step up for people sick of weeding by hand but don’t want the hassle of using something bigger. Jobs are done faster and quicker with more precise control.

To find out more about the Weedo, and to buy your own make sure to check out their website: www.weedo.co.nz