US giant pumpkin plant growing well

22 days in the ground

The two plants have been in the ground for 22 days since being transplanted there.  The US seed is doing really well, and on a whole they seem to be coping with the lack of water.

On Wednesday, we are getting in a tank load of water, I have a feeling it wont be the only one this season we will need.

Check out the pictures of the two plants below.

US giant pumpkin plant growing well

The US plant above growing well.

NZ giant pumpkin plant starting to grow in the pumpkin patch


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13 years ago

awesome one, we to are growing both kinds of gaint pumpkins and was cool to find your site! look forward to seeing your babies grow as we are with ours.
but MAN thats heaps of fert you applied!

Charles Ebbett
13 years ago

Hi. Just wondering what seeds you are growing and what crosses you are hoping to make??Thanks

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