A blurry photo of a cracked open rotting pumpkin

Update on Pumpkins

As mentioned earlier on in the post about the shade, here are the photos from today of the pumpkins I have growing.

There is one American seeded one, and two NZ seed ones.

White giant pumpkin underneath a tarp for protection

Giant pumpkins in a field underneat leaves from the vine

Pumpkin with cell phone on it to show the scale.

All three pumpkins seem to be growing quite well.  The top one, which is the biggest of the two, seems to be growing right on its back, right on top of its vine.  Hopefully it doesn’t break it, it’s in such a funny position moving it isn’t an option.

As well as those three, I had two others that were rotting.  One little tiny one, and a larger one.  I forgot to take a photo of it before I took it off the vine, threw it and then watched it split open.  But here is an after shot:

A rotting immature pumpkin

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