Basic shelter made for giant pumpkin in pumpkin patch

Competition is Around the Corner

Hi giant pumpkins growers, how are you all? No video for this post, so you will have to put up with my writing.

I think most of the country has been very wet this weekend.  I know it sure has here, and with only 2 weeks until the competition I am a little nervous.

Growing the wrong way
I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before, but I am sure the keen growers out there would have noticed it, my big pumpkin is actually growing the wrong way, the blossom end is up the top, and the stem end is actually underneath, and it is growing on it’s vine.

My giant pumpkin growing the wrong way

So with all this rain we have had, a small amount has decided to pool where the blossom end sits, I have dried it off and am hoping that this won’t cause any rot or any other bad stuff to happen to the pumpkin.
Giant pumpkin with marks and scratches on it

The dark pieces on this pumpkin are scratches and marks from the leaves rubbing on the skin of the pumpkin.  It doesn’t damage the pumpkin, just makes it look even uglier then it already is.  Some people will argue that the more scratches and marks it has, the more energy used by the pumpkin fixing that then growing large.

Next year the goal is to have a prettier looking pumpkin.

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13 years ago

Does the weight of the pumpkin crush the stem?

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