Seedling with stakes helping it with the wind

Busy and Lost a Post

I swear I had a post half written out, and now I can’t find it at all. Hmmm I swear I’m not losing my mind.

Basically I was stating all the different ways you can help protect your pumpkin right now. The basics are from the weather and animals.


Wind can really catch you out, it can catch the leaves and push the plant side to side, breaking leaves and twisting the vine. To help keep your plant in one piece make sure you grab a pack of bamboo stakes.

Criss crossing them over the vine helps it stay in place. I found some other sticks I could use, quick and easy solution.

Seedling with stakes 1

Seedling with stakes helping it with the wind

Depending on your budget and just how bad the wind is, investing in some windbreak could be a great idea. This can be used for many seasons.


Slugs and snails are going to be your potential enemy this early on in the season. There are different methods you can use for this. A quick search will help you with that.

Bigger animals you may need to help keep out of the patch area. I know of one person whose dog likes destroying the plants.


And I’ve just been busy with other things. If you signed up at some point for the free guide to running a pumpkin event I sent an email to you yesterday. If you haven’t seen it check your spam folder.

I’m also working on tweaking a bunch of behind the scenes stuff with email newsletter etc. There is always an evolution of how things are done.

Hope all is well with you and your pumpkin plant if you are growing.  Remember to keep on top of the weeding, they will take nutrients away from your plant.  At this early stage they can be quite rampant.

More weeds in the tiny pumpkin patch

New Vlog

Oh and I pushed out a new vlog yesterday, you can see it here:


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