Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimation Calculator

Weight estimation is as easy as taking 3 measurements and entering it into the calculator below. Your estimate gives you an idea of what to expect when you get to your weigh-off. It has been calculated from data collected over the years with clever mathematics applied.

The three measurements you need are:

Giant Pumpkin Measurement using the OTT method. Circumference measurement diagram

1.  Circumference – Measure the circumference of the fruit parallel to the ground at stem height.

Giant Pumpkin Measurement using the OTT method. End to end measurement diagram

2.  End to end – Place your tape measure on the ground at the stem end, and at the blossom end.  Measure the distance from ground to ground.

Giant Pumpkin Measurement using the OTT method. Perpendicular measurement diagram

3.  Side to Side – Placing the tape perpendicular to the plant stem at the widest point of the pumpkin.  Place it on the ground on both sides, and measure this distance.

If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, use a piece of string and hold this up to a regular tape measure to get the length.

Weight Estimation – How To

  • Take the three measurements outlined above.
  • Use the calculator below and enter all 3 figures you have measured into the giant pumpkin weight estimation calculator (make sure to pick the right measurement first)
  • Or add them together to get a total figure and use the charts at the bottom (calculator is better 😄)

Giant Pumpkin Weight Calculator – Metric and Imperial

2017 Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimation Charts

Note: There are both metric and imperial charts, I’ve included both. I’m using the 2017 estimation charts.

All of them are in PDF, click the buttons below each chart to enlarge them if needed.

2017 Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimation Chart Pounds 2017 Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimation Chart Kilos

Please note:

  • These measurements are only for the Atlantic Giant variety.
  • This giant pumpkin estimation chart is intended as a rough guide only, with many variables including soil, pumpkin growth, fertiliser etc it is hard to have totally accurate data.
  • The giant pumpkin weight estimation calculator is provided as is.
  • This is the best method for estimating a pumpkin’s weight, but will not replace actually weighing your pumpkin on a proper set of calibrated scales.
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13 years ago

your metric weighing scale makes life a bit easier but does it weigh light going by guesstimation of last years weigh in in oz I think my fruit should be 40,50 kg,s heavier would that be right

7 months ago

love the calculator. thanks for making this available.

1 month ago

From a fun pov the estimator if used for everyones pumpkin gives a good ball park figure. But every pumpkin must be weighed using this method to make it fair. I found it to be about right but my punkys are still mini giants compared to the weights mentioned below!

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