Giant Pumpkin still attached to the vine with powdery mildew present

I’m Back, and the Pumpkins Have Grown

Hi there, how is everyone going?  I am back from Wellington and have had an awesome time down there with awesome weather, I am beginning to think people make up the bad weather thing, but as one person put it, I went during the only week they have sunshine.

Back to the pumpkins, how are yours growing?

Giant Pumpkin Growing

I’ve heard from a lot of people this season, and it seems to be two cases of extremes, almost depending on where you live, up north things aren’t going too well for some growers, and down south some of the sizes I’ve been told are going to make for some really big pumpkins.

Remember if you can take photos of your pumpkins at any weigh offs/competitions with the weight of your pumpkin will be very helpful, for myself and all the giant pumpkin growers out there, just so everyone knows where the New Zealand giant pumpkin growing scene is this year.

Weight tables
I know a lot of people out there are using weight tables, and there is a lot of different ones floating around.  Here are a couple of things to remember:

  • These charts have been formulated from data that has been collected over years of growing in the USA, and deals with a much larger pumpkin on average than we are used to here.
  • They are only for estimating your pumpkins weight

I know people get disappointed when their estimated weight is way different to the actual weight, but this is why it should only be used as a guide only.  Every pumpkin is different and some can weigh very heavy for their size, or very light.  This comes down to how much water is contained within the pumpkin, and also how thick or thin the wall of your pumpkin grows.

If this is your first year of giant pumpkin growing, I think you will be surprised and have great fun when you get around to removing seeds from your pumpkin.  It is a great way to see what exactly it is made up of.

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