Whats been happening – week ending 17-11-2013

Hello there, another week down and here is an update of how everything has been growing around here, it’s been pretty warm and I had another random pumpkin seed make an appearance in a pot.

Giant Pumpkins

Well I finally managed to plant out the random one that was going very skyward in the pot, I’m not sure how it will fair in the ground and it looked a bit wilted especially in this photo, but after a good dousing with water it perked up a lot.

Random plant in the ground
Random plant finally put into the ground

As well as that I have the generic mitre 10 pumpkin plant growing in another corner. This pumpkin for some reason doesn’t want to do much growing at the moment and doesn’t look like it is putting out any vines, but it has produced a female flower already.

Female flower already appearing
Female flower already on plant

The other 3 “main” pumpkins seem to be doing quite well, I am always worried one of them is going to snap it’s stem off in some of the wind we have been getting, but it seems to be OK, but it did almost get broken by other means, more on that later.




I also have these two in a pot at the moment, need to work out where they will fit in around here, and get them growing.

Two more in a pot
Two more in a pot

So lots and lots of giant pumpkin plants this year and so far most of them seem to be going OK.

Miniatures pumpkins

The one in the ground seem to be all good and are starting to spread out.  The ones in the pot are looking all sorts of cramped as all six plants have grown, I am thinking of leaving them all in there and seeing how it all pans out.  I will be giving them doses of liquid fertiliser as the season goes on.

Miniatures going mad in the pot

Stuff I brought this week

I’ve been meaning to get one of these watering wands for like the last 3 years and have never got around to it and I have no idea why, so I went and got one and man does it make a difference to how I will be watering this season.  I wont go into it in this post, but I will be doing a product review on it in the near future.

Watering wand
Watering wand

But I will say that my pumpkin helper seemed to like it a lot and wanted to spray everything in sight, the only problem is that she got distracted by the hose and almost completely smashed one of the giant pumpkin plants with the wand, so care is needed to be taken.

My helper watering
My helper watering



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10 years ago

good site! I live in Argentina and it is my second year with giant pumpkins.
In my country this hobby no have diffusion and nobody practiced. I really love grow giants pumpkins! as you also I am in the south emisferio. I follow the growth of your plants! Best regards Mariano

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