Hello there hope all is well with you, this week I have updates on everything I am growing and I even made a video where I show you how everything is and you can see my facial hair growing back. (video is at the bottom of the post)

I also have a bunch of photos as well, so heaps to feast your eyes on in this post.

Miniature Pumpkins

To start things off here are some shots of the miniatures. The ones in the pot seem to be doing really well and have some decent stems growing so far, hopefully they will do OK as the season progresses.

Miniatures in the pot update 09.11.13

Miniatures in the pot growing well

Top down shot of miniature pumpkins

Miniatures from above, due for some water after this photo

Giant Sunflowers

These seem to be growing well, don’t really know what I am doing with them.


Giant sunflowers with the horse

Other Pumpkins

I have the Mitre 10 pumpkin seed coming along well, once it is a little bit bigger that will be planted at my daughters place.

Mitre 10 Mega Plant

Mitre 10 seed growing

I have an 805 Berard growing as well, but I noticed today it had another random seed growing with it, one that I thought wasn’t there when the little greenhouse blew over with everything in it, not a hundred percent sure what the seed is, so will be interesting to see how it all goes.

805 Berard seed

And the one I forgot about, which was another completely random seed I planted to show you how the Jiffy peet pots grew, it’s all sorts of crazy looking and I will plant that out tomorrow.

Unknown seed growing

Giant Pumpkins

All three of these plants are doing well int he ground, not showing too much growth but also not showing any wilting or dying so I am happy with that. I have been weeding a lot around them and am slowly removing more and more weeds every day.

808 Nieuwenhoff growing

808 Nieuwenhoff growing

Another 808 growing

Another 808 growing

1329 Menting

1329 Menting

Video Time

In the video I show you everything above, talk about Lithovit and also pumpkin growing sheets and calendars so check it out.

So more weeding required tomorrow and watering of the plants later on in the day after I get back from Big Boys Toys in Auckland for the day.