Whats been happening – week ending 24-11-2013

What a lovely couple of days it has been, hope the weather has been good for you, if this is anything to go by summer is going to be really really hot I think.

Giant Pumpkins

This week the plants all got another dose of Lithovit according to the schedule I have on my calendar as well as some Fish plus and Humus builder both from Environmental Fertilisers.  Lithovit on the leaves and the other two as a ground drench, later on they will get it at a different rate and applied mainly as a foliar spray.

The random Mitre 10 seed is probably the worst off looking plant in the ground at the moment, it seems to be hanging in, has a female flower already forming but doesn’t really want to grow much, I’m not too worried about it.

Random Mitre10 seed
Random Mitre 10 seed not growing much

The other two I had in the pot I gave to a workmate who managed to kill the other ones he was growing, I am putting it down to transplant shock and not hardening off the plant, I’ll keep an eye on how it all goes.
I have the little tiny one in a pot at the moment, and I’m sure it has had a growth spurt in the last couple of days, I will need to find somewhere to put it.

Tiny pumpkin in its pot
Tiny pumpkin in its pot

The one that was in the peet pot and started resembling a beanstalk and looked half dead is actually doing really well now, I am still gutted I don’t know what the actual seed is, but will have to wait and see what it can produce.

Random giant pumpkin plant growing well
Random giant pumpkin plant growing well

The other 3, the main ones are all looking well and doing good.





Miniatures frowing well
Miniatures growing well

These are growing well, but I need to get hold of some other seeds as I misplaced a packet a while back and after turning the office upside down plus other parts of the house I have no idea where they have gone.


Something I am going to keep on top of this season, it sure was hot today when I was doing it.  The immediate area around the pumpkins is clear of weeds and the plants look great, but it is everywhere else I need to sort out, here is a before and after photo from this morning before it got too hot, will try and finish off this area later this evening.

Weeds everywhere
Weeds everywhere
Removed a bulk of the weeds
Removed a bulk of the weeds

Stuff I brought this week

I got a small measuring container as I needed this for working out mixtures of the liquid fertilisers etc.

Small measuring container
Small measuring container

And while I was down the aisle looking at measuring things I cam across this, I was initially thinking about getting knee pads as the ground in the patch can be a bit rough on my knees at times (such and old man) but I saw this kneeling board thing and the best thing was it was less then $3 to buy, and it has been working great when I have been weeding.

Kneeling pad for weeding
Kneeling pad for weeding

So how has your week been?  How have your plants been doing and what great stuff have you been up to?  Let me know via a comment below.

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10 years ago

Not being rude but Sam Sam Sam you got this cool sight an u got access to good seeds an a good patch u even seem to know most of the big tricks that should let u grow a least 2 3 or even 500lb fucken pumpkins yet year after year you post these shit looking plants an a patch that looks like a handicap guy owns! If u gunner run a sight have some pride an grow a good healthy pumpkin u big geek!!!

10 years ago
Reply to  Sam

lol good to see you have a great sense of humor sam.
i rate your site an the info you provide to other growers,
i wish i had access to some land next to a dairy farm as one of the big
players in the giant pumpkin game tells me he only started hitting over the 1000lb
mark when he gained access to a kind farmers penicillin milk.
this and a few other more ez to come by ingredients he swore by. another player
with great success tells me heating cable within the root system at a temp of
around 19 degrees helped keep his vines stong an healthy, made them grow faster
then past attempts. best of luck to ya this year, look forward to seeing how u get on.

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