Spraying the Patch – Killing the Grass 2014

So for this season I have already decided on where I am going to put my patch and I am being a bit more organised then in previous years and have started the prep work process.

Why I am killing the grass

I want the patch bare, the easiest way is to spray it all.  The grass will be taking nutrients away from the pumpkins when they are growing and needs to be killed before digging up the whole area ready for the pumpkins.

Why so early on?

Doing it early on means that there will be less chance of any residue leftover when I plant the pumpkins.  Also this year I am being organised and laying down a cover crop.  This means I will have a green nitrogen fixing plant on top to the soil I am able to dig into the ground before the pumpkins make it to the patch.

What product did I use

I originally thought I would try a new product, one that was organic, you know something different and good for the environment.  It claimed to be fast acting and have results within 2 hours.  I am happy to say it did have those results, grass and plants were dying within two hours unfortunately they weren’t long lasting and the grass and plants grew back just like normal.

So for the second stage of getting rid of the grass I used a generic glyphosate to kill everything.  No rain occurred within six hours of spraying so I am waiting for the results and see if I missed any areas.  I know it worked really well for the normal part of the garden that we sprayed about a month ago.

So there we have it, nothing too exciting but something that is important.  I will show you the results of the spraying in the next couple of weeks when it has all died off and show you what my next step will be.

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