Free Download – Giant Pumpkins Tracking Sheet


I have now have the tracking sheet as an excel file as well as PDF, so you can easily edit or store your data.  To get the sheet plus check out other FREE downloads, make sure to check out the DOWNLOADS page here.

Every year I grow giant pumpkins I always have the best intentions of recording data on my pumpkins, things I have sprayed them with, growth and anything else that would be a handy reference for the following year so I know what I have done and when.

I have tried using a diary, a notebook and even recording it onto the computer but fine details and recording them aren’t my strongest point and I want to look at data all at once, not flick through a whole heap of pages.

So I have created the giant pumpkin tracking chart, it is a simple sheet I am going to use to track my pumpkins later on in the year, one sheet for each pumpkin and hopefully it works for me.

While the chart itself is pretty basic, I know computers aren’t everyone’s friend, so I am offering this AS A FREE DOWNLOAD (click to view or right click to download) for anyone that might find it useful.


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