Early growth of a giant pumpkin seedling

Patch Update 13/11/2011

Hi guys

This is just an update on the patch here at www.giantpumpkins.co.nz  (I forgot to post it on the day, so it’s a few days late)

The plants aren’t looking the best, and I’m not too sure why, but I do think it is something to do with the peat pots I used this year.  Having seen a huge amount of plants grown in plastic pots last weekend, and having used them last year, I am sure the type of pots I used had some sort of effect on growth on the seedlings.  Maybe I need more constant water going to them, I’m not too sure.

Here are the seedlings

Giant Pumpkin Seedling emerging from the soil

What I am growing
Now I know all you pro pumpkin growers are probably wondering what I am growing this year, well the first picture is from a seed I grew two years ago, it is the very bright orange pumpkin you can see in the photos page.  I am hoping to cross this with the other pumpkin I have growing, which is from unknown 1450 estimated pumpkin, which had split before reaching maturity, but it’s parents are the 1725 Harp, and the 1674 Marsh.  So will see how they go.

After taking the two photos above, I decided it was time to put on some liquid goodness.

So with the help from Environmental Fertilisers I used two products.

Environmental fertiliser products

One is liquid micronised humates, and the other one was EF Fish plus, a combination of fish and seaweed.

To help apply these I used my spray pack.

Backpack sprayer

Both of the products were extremely smelly, and I took great care not to get any on me.

After a couple of days, the plants did look better and had put some serious growth on, something which I can only put down to applying the products.

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Fletcher Oldaker
12 years ago

Awesome mine are a bit behind but thinking of planting them next week.

12 years ago

Watch out with the peat pots as the roots on the pumpkin plant grows faster than what the pot rots at so roots get trapped in the pot. If you use them at planting time carefully cut some holes in the pot to allow the roots to get out into the soil. I start my plants in a 10 ltr bucket with removable bottom and at 10 days the roots are already at bottom of pot.

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