Brewed compost tea for giant pumpkins

Compost Tea Brewer – What you need

Hi there

In my every growing quest to grow the biggest pumpkin I can, I have been reading a bit about organic gardening practices, and have mentioned the books I have been reading on the website, you can check that post out here.

One of the things that comes up in the books I have read, and is a method of providing plants nutrients, is the concept of compost tea brewing.

In this post, I am going to talk about what you need to make your own compost tea brewer, and also cover briefly the concept of compost tea brewing, and the benefits.

In a later post I will show you the compost tea I have made, and then put all the information on one page in the How To section of the website.

Compost Tea, what is it?
The easiest way for me to describe it is like this, compost tea is a liquid based fertiliser made by brewing compost in a water filled container.

Why is this good?
The bad bacteria is removed from the compost, leaving only good beneficial bacteria, which can be sprayed on and around your plants.

How to make a compost tea brewer
The concept is pretty simple, to get rid of the bad bacteria you need to aerate the compost that is in the water in the container, these are the items you need.

  • A bucket or container of some sort
  • An air pump
  • Tubing
  • One way valves
  • Air stones
  • Compost
Here is a video of myself talking about the items needed for a compost tea brewer

So as you can see, not much is required to start making compost tea.  Later on in the season I will show a video of the compost tea I have made.

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