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Seeds, Winner, Pumpkins and Things in the Mail

Hi there guys and girls, how is everything going with this warm weather?

It’s been super warm here with not too much rain ideal weather for powdery mildew, so I have been applying Bravo, a Yates product that helps keep it at bay and slow down the spread of it.


I’ve had a couple of extra pumpkins start up on other plants, and also on the one that lost one the other week, you can never have too many pumpkins, it will be interesting to see how big they can get by the time the weigh off is here.

Mitre 10 Pumpkin
Mitre 10 pumpkin, notice the small stem split
One month to grow, lets see what it can do

Miniature Pumpkins

The last of the miniatures have been picked off the vines, so now it is time to do some google searching and work out what to make or do with all of them. Any ideas are welcomed, so let me know if you have a master plan.

I always want to carve pumpkins and to be honest I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, also I don’t have any of the proper tools the pros use, but I do have a lot of miniature pumpkins floating around. So I managed to whip up this guy with just a spoon and a craft knife. It was quite fun and theraputic all in one, so I am definitely getting the tools and see what else I can create.

First attempt at carving
First attempt at carving


I spoke to a few other pumpkin events happening around the country this year, it was surprising how they didn’t realise the amount of other events that are out there, just shows the importance of advertising your event and getting the word out there, you never know who wants to go to your event.


The big one is pretty static, but I have other plants doing well over near the house, males me wonder if I should have put the other seedlings in a really small area which seems to have a lot of good soil. It’s hard to know exactly what they did where with this place, but I am glad I have something to take to the carnival this year, last year I used them all for carving when Scott Cully was over.

I’ve decided to take the cover off the big one to allow it to orange up a lot more before The Great Pumpkin Carnival on March the 30th.


I dropped off the awesome Bosch cordless trimmer Mitre 10 Mega helped me out with to the winner today.  here is Karlena with her prize.

Karlena with her prize

I also got to check out their pumpkin, with head pumpkin grower Corban with it, there was also another one for his sister and it was good to see the ducks keeping an eye on the patch for them.

Corban and his pumpkin



Items in the mail

My pumpkins seeds I won in the New Hampshire Giant Pumpkin Growers Association seed auction turned up, so am looking forward to seeing what I can grow from them next season.

Seeds won at auction

And I also has this turn up today, not sure how much of a resemblance to me it is but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that.

Pumpkin picture

So only 1 month to go until our competition here, lots of stuff still to sort out but it will be great once it is here.


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