Pots with giant pumpkin seeds in them

Planting of my giant pumpkin seeds

I planted four seeds today, and I may be doing this a tad late, but only time will tell.

First I started by adding a bag of Yates black magic seed raising mix to a bucket.

Bag of Yates black magic seed raising mix

Black plastic bucket I used to mix seed raising mix and other products

Into this I thought I would add a water retention agent, and a little bit of fertiliser to help the seeds along

For the water retention, I used a product called Nutrigel, which also has plant food with it.

Packet of Nutrigel water storing crystals

And the fertiliser I used was Nitrophoska Blue, I use the Egmont variety as it is considerably cheaper than other brands.

Bag of Nitrophoska Blue Fertiliser

After mixing all this together, it was time to split it out into the individual pots and put the seeds in.

Plastic pots I used to start my giant pumpkin seedings

The four pots with seeds in (plus one with the leftover seedling mix in) are all labeled up so I know which one has which seed in it.  And can track their growth.

After that, it was time to give them a light water, and sit back and hope they grow OK.

Watering the pots containing the seedlings

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13 years ago

hi there
we have already planted our seeds at our center. we used the same soil as you, however we didn’t put any Fertiliser or water retention stuff in the soil. can this be added now or does it not matter to much? our plants are around 10cm tall right now

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