Hamilton Junior High School Pumpkins

Hamilton Junior High School – Growing their first giant pumpkin

Today I went and had a look at the pumpkin Hamilton Junior High School has managed to grow this season.

They were given a seed by Grace who I covered in the first ever growers profile, and the kids have loved seeing it grow.

Here is a photo of it:

Hamilton Junior High School Pumpkins

The thing I find neat about this is that it has been grown in such a small area, with pretty much no care, and almost no water and it has still managed to come out what I think is a good size for a first time effort.

It has shown the kids what can be grown and has definitely given them the giant pumpkin growing bug with them already talking about what they are going to grow next year.

Awesome stuff, and we hope to see a lot more schools turn up at the great pumpkin carnival this year.

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