What’s been happening – week ending 2/2/2014

Hi there, it appears summer has finally decided to turn up and is out in force with hot sunny weather.

This week we got The Great Pumpkin Carnival in Hamilton registered as a GPC (great pumpkin commonwealth) weigh off site which makes it the first weigh off for this seasons weigh offs. Which is very cool, I’m hoping this will mean more out of town people make it to the event on the 30th of March


I have harvested most of my miniatures, with around 25 of them taking up room in the office, I’ll need to come up with some sort of idea of what to do with all of them.

Lots of Miniature pumpkins

I’m really happy with how they performed this year including the one in the pot, which was the experiment one, the trick is to not have 6 plants in the one pot.

Giant watermelon

The one with the fruit on seems to not be doing much, but it all looks really good still.

Not so giant watermelon

The other plant has spread out heaps, but hasn’t got a fruit on it after the other one split, so will have to wait and see how it all goes.

Giant Sunflowers

The giant Russian sunflowers have reached their peak for this season, with the leaves dying and the plants not looking the best.

Sunflower Leaves all dying

I enjoyed growing them and will be growing bigger better ones next year and will be saving the seeds from these flowers.

Time to take seeds from sunflower

Giant Pumpkins

The Mitre 10 random plant has decided to take off finally, it’s crazy it has taken so long to do anything but it’s nice to see it growing out.

Mitre 10 Pumpkin Plant finally growing

The other two sorta random ones are doing well, one is turning a nice yellow colour while the other one is just starting to put vines out, I think I will have pumpkins well after the local weigh off date.

Growing well


As for the main pumpkin, it is looking nice and big and hopefully will change from the white it is now to a nice deep orange.  I have a tarp over it at the moment to help shade from the sun, it’s not the best setup as the tarp is too big but it is working, I’m glad I got the Y posts for it, they are sturdy as and might need to be moved if the pumpkin keeps growing outwards.  It is currently measuring at around the 100kg mark, hopefully it keeps putting on the weight.

Giant Growing

As for the 1329 Menting it is sure growing into a weird shape, hopefully it can pack on a fair amount of weight soon, time will tell.


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