Whats been happening – week ending 04-11-2013

This week I haven’t been up to too much, I was kept busy sorting out the quiz night for my daughters school, and it went off without a hitch on Friday, will wait and see if I get asked to do that again next year.

Internet Issues

My level of frustrations rose with the issue that was being caused with Vodafone and not being able to access the site, whenever I got a free moment to actually update it, and apparently it is all fixed now and wont occur any more, but I will have to wait and see.

Miniatures update

Some have failed to even grow at all, while others have taken off and are doing well, the ones in the pot are looking crowded but I am looking forward to seeing how they do. ( I forgot to take a photo for this update, ooops)

Giant update

They have grown quite a lot since last time, and it is good they are doing well.  They have been outside hardening up, and if all goes to plan will be put in the ground tonight, things would have been a bit quicker if I had a grow lamp set up so am definitely getting that for next year.

Giant Plants Ready to plant

I put some some wind protection to help them, and also managed to get three of the plants into the ground, hopefully they will do OK.  The temperature over the next couple of nights is looking good, so no real protection is required at the moment.

Windbreak put up

Seedling planted out

The great pumpkin carnival

Every year Hamilton gardens has a scarecrow festival and we usually sell a bunch of giant and miniature plants at the event to whoever wants some as well as spread the word about the carnival (30th of March if you were wondering)

I forgot to take my camera so can’t share any photos from the day, but it was a solid 5 hours of selling and talking to people about pumpkins and the carnival, really looking forward to the pumpkins, creations and people that turn up on the day. It was really good to talk to everyone during the day.

Stuff I brought this week

I got some shade cloth/wind break clips to clip the wind break stuff to the fence to help the seedlings with protection from the wind.

Windbreak Clips

I also splashed out on a new hose for the pumpkin patch, there are a lot of different ones out there all claiming different things, I decided on a kink resistant factor of 6 out of 8, heavy duty and has a 12 year warranty, might be overkill for what I need but I decided to buy better quality items so I don’t need to replace them every couple of years.

Heavy duty hose

Oh and here is a photo of the almost ready to use swimming pool we have been sorting out.

Pool Photo

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