What I Learned from a Tiny Pumpkin Patch

The season is over, and I have moved house.

I’ve moved away from a tiny patch. To another place in town. With a little bit more space. Not much. But a little bit more.

People always ask me about the pumpkins, and why did I move to a place that doesn’t have a huge amount of land.

I like growing pumpkins.

But right now, they aren’t the highest priority for me.

And with the housing market the way it is, the state of rentals, you have to go with what you can afford, and what works with you.

What Did I Learn from My Tiny Pumpkin Patch

You can try and grow a giant pumpkin anywhere. I know people use it as an excuse not to grow. I hear it all the time.

But in reality, you can get an OK pumpkin from a very small space.

Cuppa Coffee Cup and a Giant Pumpkin Grower

It forces you to be creative. Think of solutions outside of the box. Things that may come in handy when you are growing in a bigger area.

It can be frustrating. When you want to do more, but you are constrained.

This lets you reflect, and write down notes for future efforts.

What Would I do Differently?

If I had to stick to a tiny patch, due to circumstances what would I do differently?

I’d make sure the watering side of things was setup from the get go and setup properly.

I’d make sure to add as much organic material as possible to the area as early as possible. Allowing the soil time to rebuild and become better each season.

I’d make sure that I had a very strict vine management plan in place.

I probably wouldn’t put as much product as I sometimes would use into the tiny patch. The thing with the area I was growing in was that a lot of the area was paved.

For most other locations, even if you have a very small area, that area would and should be all grass. Allowing product to work with soil at any point in that space.

The New Place

The new place has a little bit more space. But it’s still in a suburban area, so not a lot.

I will refer to this space as the tiny patch V2.0

It gets the sun almost the whole day, which is good. And I have access to water, which is also good.

I’ll need to figure out just how much space I allocate to growing next season, and I’ll have posts about that in the future.

For now, I’m just happy I have moved everything here, and can start settling in.  Oh yeah the new place has a pool.

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