End of 2021 Season

The end of the 2021 giant pumpkin growing season is basically finished here in NZ. Sure there are a couple more events happening, but lets just say it’s the end.

And I’ll be honest here. The wheels of my season fell off long ago.

New NZ Record

Before I potentially bore you with what I’ve been up to, lets talk about a 844.5kg pumpkin.

The new NZ record pumpkin in fact.

I think this was one of the first years I never went to see it growing in Tim’s patch.

It would have been a mighty sight. Tim and Alex both had pumpkins estimated to be in the high 700kg range.

On the day Tim’s went heavy, Alex’s went light. 844.5 and 702.5kg respectively.

Back to My Season

I wasn’t planning on growing, I knew that.

But I did plan to do a lot of posts. Something I managed for multiple months.

I ended up with a bunch of giant seedlings. So I threw them into the compost pile on the opposite side of house, and they took off.

I was surprised to see they were growing.

We also randomly threw down some miniature seeds as well.

Neighbors are Dumb

One of the pumpkins from the compost bin grew up the side of the wall. And rested perfectly on this little space, that wasn’t used for anything.

The pumpkin was almost ready to come off the vine. Then the neighbors who I think had nothing better to do. Got rid of it 🙁

Then Things Changed

New Years Eve, is when we got the notice of 90 days to vacate our current house. That means we’ve got to get out of this luxury accommodation and say farewell to the tiny patch.

While the plan was to move out this year. This sped things up, and put a bit of pressure on time and money.

But we are out.

And in a much better place.

Will there be a tiny patch V2.0? Maybe.

First I have to unpack a lot of stuff, and find homes for it all. Then I will see.

How’d Your Season Go?

If it’s come to an end, how did it all go? And if it’s about to start, how prepared are you for it?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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