Waiting for Growth

After the excitement of getting the seeds growing. Then transplanting there is a little bit of waiting going on.

The seedling is putting down roots. Eventually the plant will spread out a bit. The plant will fall over a bit and the main vine will start growing.

This is when it gets exciting again. Growth has kicked in and the plant spreads out.

If all goes to plan.

Lots of Wind

We had a lot of wind. And while I did have my little round tube thing up to protect the seedling I might have needed something bigger.

To provide protection for longer.


Things seem to have been OK with the temps we’ve been having here. No sudden overnight lows that I know of.

But I am slack at tracking this sort of thing.


Well, no real need as we’ve had a lot of rain as well. Be interesting to see if this rain helps kick start or hinders the growth of the plant.

This much water can reduce nutrients available to the plant.

Talking about nutrients. The plant was looking a little too yellow for my liking. At a guess I was thinking it was a lack of nitrogen. Something plants like at this early stage of growth.

I put down some Nitrophoska Blue pellets around the plant.

It’s starting to look better.

That’s where I’m at.

How’s your pumpkin plant growing?
Let me knowx

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