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Labour Weekend Update

Hello there, no videos or photos in this post.

But I thought I had better update, I’ve been a bit under the weather the last couple of weeks, and with recovering from the All Blacks win last night, doesn’t bode well for feature packed updates.

Now onto the pumpkins, this weekend was the time to get them into the ground, more or less.  Be wary of any random cold snaps we may still have, and be prepared to offer some protection to your little seedlings.  Even something as simple as a cardboard box over the top overnight can help, just remember to take it off in the morning.

For myself, I am still waiting for my seedlings to reach the proper size before transplanting, last year I was freaking out as they didn’t want to grow and I was miles behind the planned planting date, looking back on last years photos, I didn’t have seedlings appearing until Nov the 11th.

I’m ahead of that date this year, and with the local competition being a bit later this year, everything should be fine.

Message board
If you have been here before, you might remember I had a message board, it got plagued with problems and spam, so the best solution was to remove it.  But never fear I sorted something else out, I asked Ken over at to add a growing in New Zealand message board to his already massive message board.  The link to it is here:  Growing in New Zealand 

I look forward to seeing you there.

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