End of October Update

In this blog post I’m going to cover how the end of October is shaping up around here in the Tiny Patch 2.0

Seed Starting

This went super smooth this year. I used the seeds from my pumpkin I grew last season. The seeds were the newest ones I had.

They all germinated without any hassles which was great.

Also they look good. Turning off the heat pad as soon as they appear out of the soil and turning on the grow lamp really helped keeping them stocky and short.

Only thing I would change next year is start a little bit earlier. Maybe 4 – 7 days sooner.


Hold onto your horses. I haven’t transplanted yet.

I want to make sure the weather is the best it can be, and the seedlings are looking good.

Having all 6 of them germinate really does help and give me options if I need them.

I’m looking at transplanting in the next 1 – 4 days.

Got Some Myco

I’ve used Mycorrhizal fungi before. The idea is this helps the plant have a better root system and the plant will take up water and nutrients better.

I needed more and I got some that Seacliff Organics makes. But in some sort of weird mix up with how I saved a link. I didn’t buy it from them. And got it from a different website.

Their website has a wide range of different products in quantities that suit a Tiny Patch grower or large farms.

I really should have realised that. There’s a couple more things I want to buy from them.

Hardening Off

As everything is going well with the germination I’m making sure I harden off the seedlings properly.

I want them to be as ready for transplanting as they can be to help reduce any shock when they go into the Tiny Patch 2.0 so they have the best start.

You can read more about my process here.

Running Out of Time

The other thing is I’ve been running out of time to edit some video.

Which isn’t important when growing as your focus should be on that. But I do like to put together some video to show what I am up to.

I’ve captured a bunch of stuff this month. But haven’t got around to editing it. Maybe once the pumpkin is in the ground I’ll have some free time.

Want to Support the Site?

In the GPNZ CREW newsletter I did mention my Buy Me a Coffee page. You can buy me a coffee and help support the site and what I am up to.

Some awesome individuals brought me 8 coffees last week. Thanks. really appreciate it.

How’s Your Season Going?

How’s the start of your season? Happy with it?

What would you change if you could? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Would love to hear from you.


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