Pots with giant pumpkin seeds in them

Seeds have been planted into their pots

So here we are, 7 days into October and I managed to plant the seeds, now what seeds exactly I hear you asking, well these seeds:

One of these seeds, a little bit old but I am sure it will do fine.  And I am also planting two of the following:

Not the greatest seed you could buy, but I had to weigh up the cost with the potential to fail, and am still expecting awesome things from these seeds, especially looking at breaking my own personal best record.

I forgot to take some pics of getting the seeds ready, but you can check out the pics and info over at this page

After checking out that page, I’ve just realised I have not started the seeds by germinating them in a plastic bag, I don’t think that will be too much of an issue this year and I will explain later why.

The pots and soil

This year I am going back to the plastic pots, I wasn’t impressed by the peat type ones at all last year, so will see how I go this time around.  I made some tags from and old ice cream lid.

Last year I had trouble with rats getting in all the pots and eating the seeds, this year I shouldn’t have that problem, but do have the problem of having two crazy cats where I live who get into everything.

Hopefully the cats stay away.  The pots are on a shelf in our garage near the window for sunlight, and the whole garage gets very warm during the day, even on cold rainy days outside, so will help with germination, and hence the no need for the plastic bag trick, time will tell on how they go.

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