Giant pumpkin patch tilled and ready for planting

Seedlings? What seedlings?

Everything seems to be running behind schedule this year.

The patch only just got plowed and ripped up yesterday, which I can’t really complain about as the farmer guy did it for free, and when he could fit it in, this is what it is looking like:

Giant pumpkin patch freshly dug up

All this isn’t really that important if you don’t actually have a giant pumpkin plant.

My seeds all seems to be on the go slow at the moment, although I know of two that are just about to emerge from the soil.  This is somewhat of a worry, as I really should have them already the ground.

Thinking back to last year, and how my pumpkin stopped growing about a month out from the competition, I might be OK, only time will tell, all I know is I am going to go hard out with all products and fertilisers this year, and hopefully everything will work out.

I have a few different options if it is running a bit late, or it doesn’t grow at all this year.

No matter what happens, I’ll be sure to update the site with my progress and let you all know what is happening.

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