Hi there, I know it has been a while since I updated this, and I really needed to, but I had some stuff going on that was un pumpkin related, which was more important then this, I know, it is hard to believe, but sometimes pumpkin go on the back of the list.

Here is a video I shot today, of the pumpkins and how they are looking.

The plants are dying off, and the pumpkins themselves aren’t growing any more, so I think it is time to officially say the season is over for me.

I know it has been a strange one for a lot of people, and I know there are some big pumpkins out there, they just wont appear until a weigh off somewhere.

But I think the main thing is that as long as you learnt something along the way, next year will be bigger and better, and I learnt heaps this year, and am really looking forward to sorting out things for next season.

I have a bunch of stuff I need to update on here, and also write the neawsletter, and add in info to the site.  So hopefully the next update won’t be too far away, until then, grow them giant.