If you want to get the best out of your pumpkin you will need to provide it some shade.

You can find more information on shade in the how to section on the site, or follow the link here.

How I am providing shade this year
This year I thought I would try a different method to the previous two years efforts and do what a lot of people, especially in the northern hemisphere had given me as advice, and that was to use a white or lightly coloured sheet to cover the pumpkin. You could also use old towels as well.

There isn’t much to it really, just draping the sheet over the pumpkin, the light colour won’t atract any more heat then normal, and it gives the pumpkins some added protection. I will see how this goes this year and find out what is the better option for me.

How are you providing shade? Is there any method you prefer over another? Let me know.

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