Yates Thrive in it's packet

Patch Update – Applying Things

Had a nice weekend, and now the weather is average. But that’s OK, it’s better when it’s that way around.

I checked my notes from last year, and this time last year I was only just transplanting the seedling out into the Tiny Patch.

I’m already 2.5 weeks ahead of last year and I like that.

If you want your own sheet or spreadsheet to help keep track of your growing season, something I wholeheartedly think everyone should do, head over to the free downloads page.

Need to Weed

I’m hoping for a bit of fine weather, or I’ll have to get a raincoat on to weed the patch, the guttering which is 2 stories up leaks, so there is always a constant drip that lands on your back 🙁

Giant pumpkin seedling growing in tiny pumpkin patch

I applied…

Today I applied some Thrive and some Epsom Salts to the tiny patch. Easy to add to the watering can and easy to apply. Not sure if I ever mentioned before, but it always surprised me at the bright colour of the Thrive.

Liquid fertiliser in a watering can

Not sure what I was expecting, but it’s a great shade of yellow.

Yates Thrive in it's packet

Other Seedlings

I moved the last of the giant and miniature seedlings out from where they were being grown for the Carnival, so we are down to the last 20 of each. They really are too big for their pots and need to get into the ground.

Giant Pumpkin Seedlings in a Crate

I’m happy as we tweaked the timing of the plantings this year, and I think it worked out really well.

Other things

I’m tweaking and sorting out what I am doing with the old Pumpkin Post newsletter list. It’s coming together and when ready, you’ll get an email explaining what’s happening.

How’s things going with you? Happy with the start of the season?


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