3 Miniature Pumpkins

I Might Have a Giant this Season???

I’m really liking the look of the secondary growth on my giant pumpkin plant. After a weird start to the season the plant is looking great. Too bad about that gross pumpkin.

Tiny Pumpkin Patch Late Growth

Not sure what I am on about, check out this 58 second video to get caught up.

I had some more female flowers appear, but no male flower. Until the females had closed up.

So I’m not too sure if this pumpkin is pollinated, and if it is, I’m not sure what with.

Late stage giant that might be pollinated

If it does grow I probably won’t take it to a competition and just grow it and see what it can get to.

Miniatures Update

I managed to get 3 miniature pumpkins from the plant growing on the other side of the house. It did really well and surprised me. I should have grown there other years.

3 Miniature Pumpkins

I have a Jack O Lantern currently changing colour which is great to see, and I have a smaller orange pumpkin which I think goes by the name of Tiffany, but I’ve been calling it by it’s temporary name which was Bride of Chucky.

Jack O Lantern Ripening Up

Tiffany Pumpkin

There we go, I think you are all caught up on Tiny Patch Happenings.

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