giant pumpkin plant in tiny patch dying at end of season in tiny patch covered in grass

Downward Slope to the End

How’s It Going?

Hey there.

Hope things are doing amazing for you. Has your pumpkin season started on the downward slope? Mine sure has.

The pumpkin has put on 10kg since I mentioned it in a video I posted on Facebook. But hasn’t really grown since. By my estimation it is around 65kg in weight.

giant pumpkin in a tiny patch on a sunny day

The Plant is Hammered

The main reason this plant has gone downhill, in my opinion, is the harshness of the sun.

giant pumpkin stump at the end of the growing season​​

The UV in the sun has been burning the plant. I should have had misters to cool the plant and shade set up. If I had, I think the plant would be much better off right now.

giant pumpkin leaves wilting due to uv and age​​

I’ll be doing more of a overview of the season in an upcoming blog post.

giant pumpkin plant in tiny patch dying at end of season in tiny patch covered in grass

Already Thinking Ahead

I’ve been taking notes on what I want to improve next time. Both on growing and content and well everything.

I hope you are learning something if you are growing right now.

giant pumpkin being watched over by garden gnome​​

And are getting excited about the present and also looking to the future. I love it when new growers are already talking about next season.

If you’re currently off season. I hope the patch prep is going well. And you have the seeds that you want.

I wish the seed situation was different here. If we could get the amazing seeds that are around, I’m sure there would be more giant pumpkins pushing the weights achieved here in New Zealand.

In an upcoming blog post I’ll show you what else I’ve been trying to grow here.

Until then, take care wherever you are.


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Leanne Getz
2 years ago

Hey! Sorry your Pumpkin isn’t growing right.But it’s Still Pretty Big!!I’ll bet New Zealand is Beautiful. I never knew,there were so many people that loved growing Pumpkin’s Just Like Me!Good Luck!Down under there!

2 years ago

Cheers Sam,

Down here in Christchurch my pumpkins are about two weeks behind yours. Still growing but starting to slow down. Definitely planning for next year.

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