What Else I’ve Been Growing

Giant Pumpkin Update

I know I’ve mentioned the plant is hammered due to a variety of factors. But it is hanging in there.

Since the last update the pumpkin has put on more weight and is estimated to be around 77kg. Which is great. It’s also starting to get more color to it.

We did have a bunch of rain recently which sure would have helped.


Then the Wind Came

There was a bit of a cyclone that hit the country. Luckily we don’t have any large tress nearby. They were blowing over or losing branches. Was crazy.

I think if I had a nice lot of healthy vines and leaves there could have been the potential for a lot of damage.

The plan is to keep it on the vine as long as possible and see how many extra kg I can squeeze out of this plant.

What Else I’ve Been Growing

Well… as we were in the new place this year I didn’t want to get all gung ho and dig everything up.

A lot was planted in pots. 30l pots for $6 that I got from Pak N Save of all places.

The miniatures that were grown in that size were able to produce 2 fruit.

2 Miniature pumpkins next to a pool​​

I love the shape of these miniatures. Such a great shape. Doug who I got the seed from said these were the preferred shape for the US market. They don’t like the flat kind or top the normal ones we grow have.

​​Miniature pumpkin on grass in front of a giant pumpkin

I grew other miniatures in smaller pots. Probably 15l at a guess. These could only produce one pumpkin each.

Miniature pumpkin growing in a pot shaded by leaves​​

Just like the giant pumpkin they would have benefitted with shade cloth. The heat and UV from the sun would have been too much for them. Especially as they were in pots.

Fence pumpkin is still there. Looking majestic as ever.

​​Crown pumpkin growing in a fence

I was given a standard watermelon plant from my sister. This started in a pot and then was transplanted next to the garden shed. It’s grown a bit. But not sure how much more it can grow in that location.

A watermelon growing outside​​

Miniature pumpkins next to a watermelon that is growing on a vine​​

Another variety that was growing in a pot was a Jack O Lantern plant. I really should have transplanted this out a lot sooner.

A transplanted jack on lantern pumpkin pumpkin in a small garden​​

It looks like it has picked up a little bit. But I’m unsure of how well it will go.

Cancelled Event

Earlier in the week we had a meeting about our local event. We decided to cancel it. Due to the uncertainty around Covid. The restrictions in place plus the cost and effort to have an event.

It seemed like the best choice. A lot of event have been cancelled already.

In some ways I’m glad it was cancelled. While I’ve got a lot of ideas and things I’m working on for GPNZ. I felt burnt out about our event.

So much so I don’t really think about it. I might write a post in the future covering all of that. But for now it’s one less thing to worry about.

How’s Things for You?

Is it the end of your season? Or almost the start?

How’s it going? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Or flick me an email.


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