150 Sq Feet Challenge 2016 Entry 1

So the end of a busy week is almost here, and I have pulled finger and started to sort out outside for the 150sq feet challenge

Reference item

The standard reference item for each photo in the competition has to be a 355ml can of drink.  Why stick to plain old coke when instead I can show off a Kiwi favourite, some L&P

150 Sq Feet Challenge-1


I managed to spray the area for weeds and it is looking much better than how it did in the previous post I wrote about the 150sq feet challenge.

I also took to the patch with the Weedo, tilling up the soil and destroying some small weeds that had appeared.  I’d also put the soil thermometer in the ground and it has been a standard 20 degrees celsius which works out to be 68 degrees Fahrenheit, so it appears it could be a little warmer, and hopefully the polyethene helps with that.

150 Sq Feet Challenge-1-2

150 Sq Feet Challenge-1-3

I also bought some wood which I hope to use for the base of the hoop house, which will use fibreglass rods and Tunnet, which both turned up from Polynet this week.  More on that in later posts.

But for today I put the wood the other way around in the patch and having it 3m from wall to wall, and 4.65m wide gives me a total area 13.95 square metres, just under the 14 I’m allowed to use.

150 Sq Feet Challenge-9


I checked out all the seeds I have, and while I don’t have anything super duper amazing, I did go with some that I had a couple of, to have backups of.  This is what I have just started.

150 Sq Feet Challenge-8

They are currently soaking after being filed and will get them in pots inside my grow box I used last year.  For seed soaking I use a beetroot container.

150 Sq Feet Challenge-7

That’s about it for this update, next time I hope to have some seeds that are growing, a hoop house made and maybe just maybe some sort of watering setup organised.

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