Follow along with the Northern Hemisphere Growers

One of the benefits of living in the Southern Hemisphere is that our growing season is back to front to the Northern Hemisphere.

What this allows us to do is follow along the Northern Hemisphere and see how their season goes. It allows you to see what people are trying, what seeds they are growing and gives you so many ideas and things to think about before our season starts later on in the year.


Reasons why this is good are:

  • You get to see what people that are at the top of the giant pumpkin growing world are up to
  • It is an invaluable way of getting tips and ideas of things to try in our season
  • You can keep an eye on different pumpkin seeds and see how they perform, helping you decide on what to plant later when it is our season.
  • It is also a great time to connect with other growers, both here and overseas.

It may seem like I mention a lot, but there is a good reason for it, it is the largest community of pumpkin growers from all over the world all on one site.

Big Pumpkins Home Page

What areas should you check out?

There are 3 main areas I recommend to check out on

Growers Diary’s
Growers from all over the place update their diaries as the season progresses. From information on what they are doing, to photos of the results there is always something interesting to see.

You can even set up your own diary and share your season, all for free.

Big Pumpkins Diarys

I have a video on how to set up a grower’s diary for yourself if you are keen to share your next season’s exploits.

Message Board
The message boards contain so much information from so many people it is crazy. The message board is broken down into various subjects including, new growers, fertilisers, watermelon, tomatoes and even a NZ board I asked to get set up a while back. With the general board being the most popular.

Big Pumpkin Message Board

It pays to use the search box first before asking a question, just to make sure it hasn’t been asked before.

Chat Room
Even if you aren’t someone that wants to talk to other growers via a chat room, it pays to check them out as this is where a lot of seed auctions happen each year.

Different people are on at different times of the day with the majority being on late morning early afternoon our time.

BigPumpkins Chat Room

Some things to note.

It pays to be a registered member of the site (it’s free to sign up) every time you sign it, any new posts on the message boards will have a new tag next to them.

The site has been around for a very long time, and unfortunately, how it works pales in comparison to much newer websites and message boards, visiting frequently, especially during the Northern Hemisphere growing season is something your should be doing as you may miss something that is important.

So that is my suggestion for the off season.

Feel free to start a conversation on the NZ board, leave a comment below or anywhere on this site, or click me an email via the contact page if you have any questions.

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