Whats been happening – week ending 20-10-2013

I’m not sure what the highlight of this week was, but I know one of the lowlights was my back going out again, if this post doesn’t make any sense I will blame myself being high on some painkillers.

Miniatures are going well

I started some miniatures off in some little seed growing tray last week, and they have popped up and made an appearance. It’s good to see how quickly they have popped up, also there was some giant sunflowers on the go in there as well.  The miniatures in the pot had a couple more turn up, hopefully that is all.

More miniatures have sprouted up
More miniatures have sprouted up

The giants I have growing on the window sill looks great, but just strange it hasn’t really got it’s middle leaf yet, but that’s OK. Still have to finds place to put it when it is ready for transplanting.

Almost disaster for the giants

The main lot of giant pumpkins I had in the shed seem to be doing good, I had to move them from the bench not from too much heat but the need of my small builder needing bench space to build something. So they got put in the little hot house in the shed.

Being in the little hothouse I thought I would put them outside which was all good to start off with, getting back feeling triumphant in hooking up the water to the patch I soon saw the greenhouse on it’s side with a lot of pots upside down, a rather large list of expletives was yelled out and I didn’t bother getting a photo of the carnage.

But I did manage to sort out 6 of the 9 pots back into the right order, the other 3 were missing in action and I’m not sure where they went but they might appear in a pot with something else.  Luckily for backups, I have planted new seeds.

Water is all hooked up at the patch…………….finally

From this connection to the back of the building in the background is where the water needed to go.
From this connection to the back of the building in the background is where the water needed to go.

I brought all the pieces needed to start hooking up water over at the pumpkin patch, after two visits to RD1, and three to Mitre 10 Mega I got it all sorted out.  Check out this video below to see where I had to run the water to get to the patch.

Event listings are slowly going up

I’ve contacted a lot of different people this week as well about their giant pumpkin competitions they are running.

The end of a very busy week for me.

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