Dripper working well in the pumpkin patch

More Watering Set Up, Seedlings Update

More Watering Stuff

I started hooking up all the irrigation stuff today and only had to make one extra trip to get some right angle bends to bring the pipe around and back down the patch.

More items to finish off the irrigation

Drip hose irrigation from drum

Two lengths of irrigation in pumpkin patch

I wasn’t sure if the timer was going to work or not, and the answer is NO.  There isn’t enough pressure and the water barely dribbles out the end of it.  Without the timer the water easily makes it’s way through the pipes.

I currently have the drippers opened right up, and they are working well at dripping water into the patch.  I can easily add more or different types of irrigation attachments if needed.

Dripper working well in the pumpkin patch

4 Drippers currently installed in patch

So no automation on the drum currently, which isn’t necessarily  a bad thing, would just be nice to have something sorted out for when I’m away from home.  I’ll see if there is anything else I can come up with on that front.  Next pay day I’ll be covering the whole lot in pea straw to stop the water from evaporating in the hot sun.

Kg’s or lbs?

I was thinking about how we talk about pumpkin seeds here in NZ today, we obviously weigh our pumpkins in KG’s at weigh-off, but we talk about pumpkins in lbs a lot, especially when talking about seeds.  I usually talk in lbs, but sometimes use kg’s.  From this point on I’m going to mention seeds as kg’s and put the lb’s in brackets.

Seedlings Update

Most of them are looking pretty good.

The 254.5kg (561lb) Harris seeds are looking good, these are the ones I mistook for the others.

254.5kg (561lb) Harris seedling growing

These plants I will probably give to other people to grow.  These were started 12 days ago.

789.5kg (1740.5lb) Harris seedling growing well.

The 789.5kg (1740.5lb) Harris is another good looking seedling, I’m just waiting for the first true leaf to appear properly.  Once that appears I will harden the seedling off, and transplant it into the patch.  These seedlings were started 8 days ago.

And then we have the freak of the bunch, the 748kg (1650lb) Werner seed, which was one of the first ones I started and didn’t appear to be doing anything at all.  Eventually, it started growing, I’ve placed it in a pot just to see what it does, but as you can see it does not look promising and I’ll end up binning it.

1650 Werner is doing something?

This seed was started 15 days ago.

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