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Product Review – Neta Litre Meter

I’m starting something new on the Giant Pumpkins NZ website for 2013 and that is reviews of products.

There is no real timeline of when they will appear but it will be items that I actually am using for giant pumpkin growing.  I want to share with you the giant pumpkin grower of New Zealand helpful and interesting things you may or may not have seen or own yourself.

These products of course aren’t just limited to giant pumpkin growing and can benefit anyone gardening out there, and now that all that is all out of the way, onto the first review at Giant Pumpkins NZ.

The product

The Neta litre meter is the item I am covering today and here it is:

Neta Litre Meter

What is it?

Well… as the name suggests it is a meter that measures how many litres you have used.  Not to be confused with the much more expensive water timers everyone seems to see, this is a much simpler item.

How does it work

Well according to the website (link at the bottom of the post) you hook the litre meter up to your garden sprayer and move the dial so the zero is on the arrow.  You start using your water like normal and as the water passes through the meter the dial moves, and you can easily see how much water you have used.

How I used it

I wanted to hook it up to the tap and then run the hose into the weeping hose that is buried under the pumpkin patch.  To do this I had to pay attention to the way water has to flow in and out of the meter and also use a couple of extra connections to make it all fit together, this is what it looks like.

Litre meter hooked up

How it works for me

It seems to work really well, I set it to zero and turn on the water.  I can easily see how much water I have put into the ground and like the simplicity of it.  There is a small amount of condensation appearing on the dial but that is nothing to worry about.

Price and availability

I got mine for twenty something dollars and I had seen it somewhere ages ago, while trying to find it again was a little bit of a mission trying to describe it to someone without them thinking it is an automatic water timer is something I experienced.

But in the end I found it at Mitre10 Mega.  After having been in there a few times every time I walk past where they are located I notice that they seem to be the fastest selling item in that area, explains why I couldn’t find them.


If you want to know how much water you are using while gardening, and don’t want to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment the Neta Litre Meter is a great tool to add to your gardening equipment.

Update: 07-10-2023

This no longer seems to be available anymore.

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