Water Timer Set Up on Tap

Automating Watering and Starting Another Seed

Yesterday’s plan was to sort out more of the watering setup for one of the small pumpkin patches around.

Hoses and Timers

Holman water timer

New garden hose, Wetta brand

The idea was to shorten the rather large length of weeping hose and connect it to the normal hose.

Excess weeping hose I didn't need

Weeping hose connecter out of the ground

Garden hose connected to weeping hose

I then went with this timer, it’s electronic and you just turn the dials to what settings you want and press the button, all rather straight forward.  For an extra $15 you can get one with an LCD screen, these sometimes end up with condensation on the screen when left outside so I went with this simpler version.

I don’t think I have posted on the site before but I also have a fancy (=expensive) wifi water timer, and in fact, I was at the time the only person in NZ to have that particular model.  It works ok and I used it a couple of years ago, but it sometimes would drop out, and the wifi won’t work well where I currently am, so I am using the KISS principle this time around (Keep it simple stupid)

Timer all hooked up

Water Timer Set Up on Tap

I’ll have a play around with the settings to see what seems the best for the patch.

The second outlet which you can see in the photo is hooked up to the rest of the garden hose and I’m using that to fill the blue drum, which currently is full with water and not leaking where I put the tap on so that is win.

Next payday I will get the irrigation pipe and droppers I need to go from the drum to the patch.

Seed Update

The 959 Northrup doesn’t seem to be doing anything, normally I have no problems getting seeds started but recently I haven’t had the best luck, I’m looking into what I could do differently to increase the odds of germination.  Although I might just have a dud seed.  It seems solid, not squishy with no liquid or goo coming out of it, it just doesn’t seem to be germinating.  Maybe it is a slow starter.

Just in case I have started the 1650 Werner and will be keeping a close eye on that.

How’s your patch prep going?  How about your seeds?  Let me know in the comments how this season has started.

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