Blue Plastic Drum

Wish it would stop raining

It sure does seem to be raining a lot lately, and it’s putting a spanner in the works as I want to go outside and spray all the random grass and weeds. ( I did manage to spray in a very short window of fine weather the other day)

Once that is done I will be getting my hands on some more compost and adding that to the stupidly small area I am growing in.

This year I am attempting to sort out the watering situation a bit more, I built a wooden stand where I will place a blue drum, which I have attached a tap to, and hopefully won’t leak. Making the hole for the tap wasn’t as straight forward as it could have been and the hole isn’t as perfect as it should be. But I am confident a lot of silicone should fix that right up.

Blue Plastic Drum

Wood to make stand for drum

Wooden Stand for Blue Drum

I have buried in patch a bunch of weeping hose, but due to the almost on existent pressure from the drum that will be for water straight out of the tap. For the water from the drum, the plan is to hook up some sort of irrigation system with droppers which will water the plant, I’m going to have to research which attachments etc will be best for that.

Are you trying anything new this year? Maybe you’re a first-time grower, let me know how your preparations are going for the upcoming season .

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