Whats been happening – week ending 08-12-2013

Lots of rain this week for most areas I think, we had a decent down pour on Thursday gave everything a good watering.  Wasn’t too keen to get out into the patch in the rain so waited until it fined up.

Website changes

I decided to have a static page on the front of the website briefly explaining the site and what things you could look at and what I consider the 3 main parts to check out.  I moved these blog type updates to their own page which you can now find via the blog button in the menu.  The reason for this is to help any new visitor to the site find out what it is all about, hopefully it works, I will check the traffic and see how it goes.

I also changed the way the archives are displayed on the right hand side of the site.

Now onto the updates

Miniature Pumpkins

The miniatures in the pot appears to have some fruit set on their vines but the leaves have all started to turn yellow, probably a sign of a deficiency.  Nitrogen is my first thought but to be honest they have probably used all the food they could find in the pot and need more, so I put in some Nitrophoska in the hope that will give them some much needed fertiliser to help them grow, time will tell.

Yellow leaves a plenty
Yellow leaves a plenty
Ready to grow miniature pumpkin
Ready to grow miniature pumpkin

The other miniatures outside are growing crazy now, lots of green growth everywhere and I’m looking forward to seeing when they start growing fruit.  I still have to get one more type of miniatures and I better do that soon or I won’t have enough time to grow them before the carnival.

Growing well
Growing well

Giant Watermelons

The one closest to the house seems to have transplanted quite nicely and is starting to grow out which is good to see, I’m quite excited to get some watermelon growing as last time I tried the plant didn’t do much.

Giant watermelon plant growing
Watermelon growing

The one that is a bit further away is growing next to the raised garden bed we have and it is a great area to grow things in, this is quite a special plant as it managed to snap it’s main stem just before planting, using some bandage tape I found in my first aid kit I was able to tape it back together as even though it had snapped it was still connected, it seems to be growing well so I think the tape is helping.

Damaged watermelon vine held together with tape
Tape holding plant together

Giant Pumpkins

Random giant pumpkin is already starting to flower and slowly grow out.

Random pumpkin with flowers on it now
Flowers appearing

The Mitre 10 random one is still quite small for a plant but is growing a little bit each week, will have to see what it can do as the weeks go by.

Mitre 10 seed

The forgotten seed in the pot was once again forgotten but I will be planting that out real soon somewhere to see what it can do.


One of the 808 Niewenhoff’s is doing better then the other one and is starting to grow out now, I expect it to do a massive burst of growth soon and put out all it’s vines.

808 Niewenhoff growing
This is a months growth since being transplanted



Tendrills latching on
Tendrills latching on

Stuff I brought this week

This week consisted of getting more Lithovit to carry on with the spraying of this C02 foliar fertiliser, I got the 500g tub.

Lithovit 500g container

To help apply this I was going to be getting a pressure sprayer I found online that looked like it would be good to apply the fertiliser to both sides of the leaves, but while wandering around my local Mitre 10 Mega I found this Hills 1.5 litre invertor 360 sprayer, which was labelled as a new product and was half the price of the other one I was looking at.  I will do a product review on it later on.

1.5l Hills Sprayer

So there we have it another week down and another update of what is happening around these parts, hopefully everything is growing OK for you.

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