TV Central Interview – Behind the scenes

Yesterday Grace and myself were interviewed by TV Central about The Great Pumpkin Carnival and pumpkins in general, it will be aired on TV in two parts on the 21st and 27th of this month.

Anne-Marie was the interviewer and she did an awesome job not only with the questions she asked but with helping Grace get over her nerves and be on the camera.

Going over questions with Grace

Pumpkins everywhere

In preparation for the interview Grace and her dad Gareth made sure they had a great display of all the pumpkins and gourds they have grown this season, it was awesome to see and here is photos of that: P3058110_result



Once I can get the footage I will put it up on the website for you to check out, or if you are local make sure to check out TV Central on channel 30 on freb eview on the 21st and 27th both at 7:30 and 10:30 on both of those days.

Thanks to TV central for talking to us, and thanks to Grace and Gareth for having a great spot to have the interview.

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