Lessons I learned in 2019 blog post

The Lessons I Learned from Growing Giant Pumpkins in 2019

What pumpkin lessons did I learn in 2019?

Preparation is Key

Preparing the patch well ahead of time pays off later on in the season.

Planning your season ahead of time is a great idea. I had mixed results myself last season. But feel I am building on this every year.

Pay Attention

Make sure you check your pumpkin, plant and patch a lot. Things can happen fast, and you need to keep on top of all of it if you want good results.

Inside giant pumpkin stem

Plans can Change

Plans can change. Like when you go to an out of town pumpkin event and it is postponed to the following week. We had a great trip to Gisborne and saw 1 great pumpkin.

You can see that trip Right Here


If there is something you want to try, try it. You never know how it will go. It might be the next winning tip to get giant pumpkins growing even bigger.

Highlights of 2019

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2020

  • Growing another pumpkin in the tiny pumpkin patch
  • Connecting with more growers and helping people
  • Creating more video content
  • Seeing more awesome pumpkins at events

What Did You Learn or What are you Looking Forward To?

You’ve made it this far. What are the biggest things you learned this week? And what are you looking forward to in 2020?

Leave a comment below.

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