Giant Pumpkins Growing out in a Field

One Week Until Competition – Free Giant Pumpkin

Hi there, who else is getting excited about their local competition?  I know I am, with the Hamilton Gardens Pumpkin Carnival only a week away.

In this video I talk about a couple of the events, and also if anyone wants one of the NZ giant pumpkins, and they can come and pick it up.  It is theirs, a free giant pumpkin.

So if you want the pumpkin, get hold of me, first person to do so can have it.  Remember it is one of the two NZ giant pumpkins, not my big one.

Something else I forgot to mention in the video is that the downhill pumpkin rolling if for anyone, you just need to bring your own pumpkin, any type, giant or not, even standard crown pumpkins from the supermarket.

For those people that are going to the Hamilton Gardens Pumpkin Carnival, come say hi, I will have some seeds on me if you are after any for next year.

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