End of season roundup 2013

Another season has come to the end here in NZ.  And as always here is a bit of a wrap up from me, from what I have seen it has been another great year for giant pumpkin growing in New Zealand.  More and more people seem to be taking up the challenge of growing a giant pumpkin.

With more exposure in the media, more people turning up to weigh off’s people are really getting interested in growing a giant pumpkins.  And this can only mean good things for this past time some of us pursue.

The good things of the 2013 season:

  • I met Scott Cully the international pumpkin carver, that was a real highlight for me and just reinforced the passion for this whole pumpkin growing this I have.
  • The Great Pumpkin Carnival – Which we hold in Hamilton every year, it went really smoothly and the weather was good.  It was also great catching up with the usual people as well as some new people keen on giant pumpkin growing.
  • I was happy how the website looks, got the new logo sorted and have been working on some new things.
  • I liked how all the baby bear pumpkins turned out, really easy to grow and good to get a good yield of these small awesome looking pumpkins

The not so good things of the 2013 season:

  • Getting sciatica.  Something I really don’t wish upon anyone.  It limited my mobility for a long period and takes a long time to come right, hopefully it does, allowing me to continue with everything I want to do.
  • Moving house again.  I hate moving, but the new place should be a permanent solution and allow for some good space for pumpkin growing.
  • My main pumpkin rotting away.  A small soft spot ended up being a large soft spot which then turned into a rotten pumpkin, these things happen and I did have back ups.

Things to focus on for the 2014 season:

  • Getting some new and exciting things set up on the website for giant pumpkin growers here in NZ
  • More exciting posts and information
  • Quality over quantity in the posts and newsletters
  • Setting up all the water supply stuff for the pumpkins
  • Having the patch and plans all set up well ahead of time


That is it, time to start working on things, for the site, my patch and the great pumpkin carnival here in Hamilton.

A lot of the stuff is behind the scenes stuff, but keep an eye out for updates on the site with what I am doing.  Will be doing a lot of reading and learning in the part of the year that not much is happening here as it is going full steam ahead in the USA.

Feel free to get in touch either by commenting on the site, or hit me up on the Facebook page.

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