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3 Ways to Water Your Giant Pumpkin Plant

In this post I’m talking about 3 ways to approach watering your giant pumpkin plant.

These range in complexity and price. But there is an option for every budget out there.

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Why Water Your Giant Pumpkin Plant

This shouldn’t be a question I need to answer, but here goes.

Like any plant giant pumpkins require water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow. Being the largest vegetable on earth, giant pumpkins require a lot to reach their full potential.

Small improvements in either of these areas can result in larger pumpkins.

Lack of water can mean reduced nutrients, too much water and the soil can get waterlogged, starving the roots of oxygen.

When is the Best Time to Water Your Pumpkins?

If you said early in the morning, you’d be correct. Watering early in the day is beneficial as it allows any excess water to dry off during the day. Humidity and water combined gives ideal conditions for powdery mildew to form.

Being damp and moist overnight, especially on the leaves is not good.

Something you don’t want to deal with if you can help it.

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How Long to Water For?
I’m sure growers will have different answers to this question. A lot of different factors come into this decision.

  • What is your soil made up from? Is it free draining, full of clay or something else
  • How much water do you have available? Are you on rain water? Are there restrictions during summer?

Remember if you over water, your soil become waterlogged, starving your roots of oxygen. And Possibly creating an environment for fungal problems or increasing the chances of vine issues.

The rule I have heard before is when you grab a handful of soil and squeeze it, a couple of drops of water come from it.

This all plays into having good organic matter in the soil to help hold the moisture in and the use of mulches on top can also help keep moisture in.

3 Different Ways to Apply Water to Your Giant Pumpkin Patch

1. Hand watering

Watering with a watering can

This option works great if:

  • You are growing in a small area
    Are around to water

This option works great if you have a small area you are growing in. If water is in limited supply hand watering is probably the way to go.

My 2 suggestions for a hand watering solution would be:

  • Some type of watering wand – this is a better option than just a hose nozzle as it allows you to water under the leaves and reach different areas spreading your water more efficiently.

Watering want connected to hose laying on ground

  • Watering can – I find this is a great tool for applying fertilisers if you are growing in a small area.

Watering can

2. Micro Irrigation and Sprinklers

  • Lots of options are available. For micro irrigation you’ll need to layout the main pipe. You then have the options of drippers, micro spray heads and more.

Dripper micro irrigation

Hose connector laying on ground

  • For lots of people sprinklers that plug into a normal garden hose is an easy option. Be aware of the area your sprinkler can cover.

Close up of Melnor sprinkler

3. Drip Tape

  • Used in large scale hoticultural setups, drip tape is what top growers use. You’ll need access to plenty of water. A main pipe is laid out at one end of the patch. With rows of drip tape evenly spaced out across the patch.

Drip tape connected to main water pipe

  • Water exits the tape on the bottom side.
  • Each piece of drip tape is connected to the main pipe with a small tap. Allowing you turn on each piece of drip tape as the plant grows.

Drip tape laid out in giant pumpkin patch

Another area of watering that has many options at many different price points is water timers. These range from simple mechanical devices all the way through to computer controlled options for large scale set ups.

Holman water timer with dials

Melnor wifi water timer close up

These are ideal to help you out if you find yourself away on holiday.

I would start with how much you are willing to spend on a timer. Does it need to just control one hose connection or multiple ones?

Fertiliser injectors
If you are entering the realm of drip tape, you are probably taking the growing of your pumpkin very seriously.

You’ll want to look at solutions to inject nutrients into the line.

In Conclusion

There are many different ways to apply water to your giant pumpkin patch.

What works for you, might not work for another grower.

Doing research is key. Finding out the different options will help you decide on what is best for you. A good watering system can be used for your giant pumpkins and other parts of your garden.

If you have a solution that works well for you, leave a comment below and let everyone know about it.

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