Kumeu A&P Show 2019 Giant Pumpkins

The Kumeu A&P show was held over the weekend and I went to check it out. While there was a lot of stalls, machinery and lots of animals I was there for only one real reason, Pumpkins.  Video of our day is at the bottom of this post.

Less Entries this Year

From comparing photos from last years Kumeu A&P show it was easy to see the amount of pumpkins was down. Was the weather to blame? Less people growing? I’m not sure, but it was was great to see the ones that did turn up on the day.

Last years winner Steven Krzystyniak took out the honors this year as well taking out 1st and 2nd place with pumpkins weighing in at 200.5kg and 177kg respectively.

The Prime Minister Stopped By

Steve done a deal and donated his prize money to the rescue helicopter charity on the condition the Prime Minister Jacinda Adern stopped by to present a the prize giving, not only that she stayed for the pumpkin auction, putting a bid in herself for the Nemo fish.

I had a super brief discussion with her about giant pumpkins and my daughter/producer got a photo with the Prime Minister which was a highlight of our trip.

Lot of Things to See

With it being such a large A&P Show, there is always lots to see. You never know what is going to be there.

A great show, and good to see the pumpkins, I’m already looking forward to next years event. For now I need to concentrate on our event here in Hamilton and do a lot more work.

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