One week until The Great Pumpkin Carnival, and 100 posts

Hi there guys and girls.

It is exactly one week until The Great Pumpkin Carnival is being held at Hamilton Gardens Rhododendron lawn gate 2, and busy is a way of life at the moment in helping to get it all sorted.

To find out more about the carnival check out HERE and HERE for the Facebook page, and the the website for the event.  If you can make it, come say hi, I’ll be there all day and will be pretty easy to find.

As I write this post I have just realised this is the 100th post published on the website, it has come a long way since I first set it up and I thought I would make a bit of a video for the occasion, check it out below:

A big thanks to everyone over the years that have listened to me go on about giant pumpkins, offer advice, comment or just have a yarn, the list is too long to name everyone but you all know who you are.

I look forward to the future and all it will bring, make sure to keep an eye out for some exciting stuff happening right here on the website for growing giant pumpkins here in NZ.

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